Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lead Pipes in Old Homes and Water Systems a Concern for Many

People can potentially get exposed to lead through tap water.
Millions of people across the United States regularly use water that travels through lead pipes. Although relatively safe, the water in many places often tests high for lead levels, higher than recommended, prompting many people to seek solutions to the problem of lead pipes. Lead exposure can prove dangerous to people of all ages, but especially for young children. Lead can damage the nervous systems and other organ systems of children, causing developmental delays, behavioral problems, diseases and other problems. Some South Florida residents, especially those who live in older neighborhoods, may have to contend with lead-related problems. To test for the presence of lead in your home, hire a licensed business that performs lead remediation miami work.

Municipalities that perform work on their water lines can inadvertently raise the risk of lead leaching into the water supply. Cities will typically notify residents about increased risks of lead exposure. Cities may, for example, advise residents to boil their water or avoid drinking it. Companies that offer lead removal fort lauderdale services can help homeowners determine their risk levels regarding lead and develop solutions for the problem of lead in water, as well as lead in soil and lead-based paints.

As seen in Flint, Michigan, improperly-treated water and contaminated water can cause lead to leach from lead pipes into tap water, endangering anyone who uses or drinks the water. Lead exposure from Water, soil, lead-based paints and other sources can sicken people and cause damage to various organ systems. Children and elderly people may experience the most severe effects from their exposure to lead. People affected by lead may experience fatigue, hair loss, abdominal pain, kidney damage, nausea, muscle weakness, damage to the nervous system and more. Many residents of Flint fell ill from drinking, cooking with or bathing with lead-contaminated water.

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